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Uninstall Visual Studio 2008

This morning, I’ve tried to install SQL server 2008 x64, but the instalation always fail because the installer ask me to update my Visual Studio 2008 into SPI1 version, because I am using Visual Studio 2010 now, so I decide to remove VS2008.

I do a normal Uninstalling process, and ERROR! Visual Studio 2008 refuse to uninstalled.

After googling for a few minutes, I’ve found many people that have similar problems.

The link here said that we have to download a tool to remove Visual Studio 2008, this tools can be applied to these specific version:

  • Visual studio Express Editions
  • Visual Studio Team System
  • Visual Studio Professional

So I download the uninstaller here

Auto Uninstall
Auto Uninstall

It took forever, but can solve the problem >_<


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