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Decode/Decrypt MD5 Hash

So one of the challenge in one “job employment puzzle” that i took for fun is to get the real value of one md5 hash string.

We know that md5 is an hash algorithm and it’s not reversible (it’s not an encryption), so the only way to know the real value is to do a brute force of multiple string combinations (using char combinations or dictionary attack)

It will took a while to get the results 😀

Luckyly there are some people that have the same idea and they share their combination database online, so we only have to submit our MD5 hash and they will compare it with their internal database to look for the real value.

The sites are located here and here

So in my case it’s:


and the site show me that it’s a MD5 hash of:


Now you know why you should avoid MD5 and use better hash algorithm that have salt / modifier (e.g. SHA)