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PHP FPM refuse to start after upgrading Ubuntu

This weird thing happen after I upgrade my Ubuntu Production server. Suddenly php-fpm refuse to start.

sudo service php5-fpm start

sudo service php5-fpm status

And I always get

* php5-fpm is not running

Checking on the error-log located at sudo tail /var/log/php5-fpm.log show nothing, the last log entry is from previous machine-reboot, so it indicates that php-fpm is not running at all.

So I check wether the standard port 9000 is being used by other service by using

netstat -tap | grep 9000

It give me nothing, so then I try to run php-fpm executable directly from console


And it show some errors related to configuration file, apparently the upgrade process messing around with my custom config.

Fixing the config and voila! it goes back to work.