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Arduino Clone USB Driver on OSX (CH340, CH341)

So, most cheap Arduino I can found in Indonesia’s marketplace is basically a SMD version that based on CH340 USB Serial chip.

You can find the drivers on this site here, but there’s easier way to install the driver if you already have brew installed. (OSX developer must have `brew` installed! MUST HAVE! :P)

First Install cask (OSX developer who have brew also must have cask :D).

Run the cask recipe

brew cask install caskroom/homebrew-cask/wch-ch34x-usb-serial-driver

(it’s basically a script that is doing the driver downloading and installing for you)

Open up your Arduino and make sure there’s new `tty.wch` device listed on the open port.

Additional notes:

If somehow it’s still not detected, try to restart and change the cable. The UNO that I receive only have USB with Power (not include data)


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