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Cleanup source from .git artifacts (tronsmart android source)

Was spending these couple of days to compile `Tronsmart’s Draco H3 Android` . The SDK that they provide are 15 Gigabytes in size >_<

Not really sure why they just archive their work folder like that, 15 gigs in itself is a zip full of compiled binaries, few android compiled images, broken symbolic links, nested `.git` folders and hosted on mediafire to download. (Now.. compiling this will be a long journey in itself :P)

So anyhow I clean `.git` artifacts recursively for some rooms to breathe. (besides the `.git` is not usable since it’s point to their internal development server)

To list all files, grep ones with `.git` in the path and then delete it

 find . | grep \\.git | xargs rm -rf 

Keep in mind that grep is using regex so the expression above will be matched with anything that have `.git` in it (nested .git folder, all files inside that git folder, .gitignore, .gitkeep, whatever.git.whatever etc.)

If you are not really sure and want to check what files that are going to be removed. Just use `echo` to test it, It will list all files that matched the expression

 find . | grep \\.git | xargs echo